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Message of Hope - Founder Vincent Frank De Benedetto

-  Vincent Frank De Benedetto  -

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MESSAGE OF HOPE is a unique musical project, advocating a complete human transformation, social, political, and economic, away from the money-and-profit system called "capitalism," including its culture of ego, toward the establishment of a Classless, Moneyless, Needs-oriented, Love-centered (C.M.N.L.) society, the long dreamt-of Brotherhood of Man.

CMNL is pronounced:  kuh myoon' ul, as in communal, reflecting or embodying the most elevated values of the commune, including cooperation, sharing, patience, tolerance, mutual aid, and compassion, all rooted in Love and Brotherhood. My recommended change into this new social form is predicated on the apparent zoological and anthropological reality, and my own related socio-existential assertion, that all people are brothers and sisters in one human family, and, as such, should treat each other accordingly in all areas of human existence. This especially includes the particular area of economic activity, or what we now understand as the economic sphere, or simply "the economy."

Reread that last paragraph if necessary!



Click to listen to a rough draft of VISION OF A WORLD, lyrics below, likely the first global hit by MESSAGE OF HOPE!

The song features lyrics written in simple language that can be understood by everyone from 8-year olds to 80-year olds, yet carries the most powerful human message imaginable!

Listen to this song draft several times in succession with headphones or decent speakers, to catch the vocal nuance. Don't listen through integrated (i.e. built-in) laptop speakers.

This draft was recorded in my kitchen with myself singing, and playing the single guitar heard. Needless to say, once the song, the recording, and the musician are polished...GLOBAL SMASH!

A Taste

Want a taste of what this kind of society would be like?

What if I tell you that you've already tasted it?

Do you ever watch free videos, or listen to free music, on YouTube? Do you ever use free, open-source software? Then you already know how the Brotherhood of Man will work. It will work exactly like YouTube and free software, with one basic exception:  besides each of us responsibly taking what we need from the Global Inventory of Goods & Services (GIGS), from bread to automobiles, shoes to guitars, we'd also be giving, contributing. The operational principle would be: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

The means to move society to this point of revolution would be peaceful and democratic. In fact, in America it would likely take place within the framework of Article V of the United States Constitution, which permits the Constitution, itself, to be modified to meet changing social, political, and/or economic conditions.

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson advocated a revolution in America every 20 years? Brothers and Sisters, we're over 200 years overdue!

A Movement

As the musical vehicle to promulgate this theme, the Brotherhood of Man, I'm forming an '80s-style metal band called MESSAGE OF HOPE, likely a guitar-oriented four or five piece, with a very heavy sound, yet featuring catchy material to ensure commercial success and thus maximum exposure of the idea of the Brotherhood of Man. My roles will be frontman and composer.

I'm neither your average metal fan nor musician, and MESSAGE OF HOPE is not your average heavy metal project!

You may have realized by now that MOH is not just a band--it's a movement. Or at least an integral and leading part of a movement. A movement to recast or re-engineer our global society in accord with Brotherly Love, as well as extend ourselves as much as possible in the here-and-now to reduce suffering. As the band flourishes and our resources increase, expect to be jetting here-and-there around the world in the MESSAGE OF HOPE jetliner as various crises require our financial and other assistance.

Do you think I'm kidding about all this? My entire adult life has been devoted to it, still is, and always will be. The only question is:  what are you waiting for to join TEAM MESSAGE OF HOPE, in some capacity?

Author of this Project

I'm Vincent Frank De Benedetto, Writer, Philosopher of Love, and Musician. Please read my complete bio.

To view most of my body of online work, about 30 web sites, you may also search the Net using my full name, Vincent Frank De Benedetto. It will all appear.

. . . . .

Creation is my lineage:  my Uncle Joe was a painter, and my Father, Frank Salvatore De Benedetto, is a musical composer, poet, writer, pencil sketch artist, maker of miniatures, and amateur carpenter. He was featured several times, with photographs, in local newspapers and other publications for his songwriting, and appeared on the Joe Franklin Show television program (video pending), showcasing his candidate musical composition for official New Jersey state song.

Assistance Sought

If you'd care to assist this project, MESSAGE OF HOPE, in any capacity, from musician to financier (called Patron or Benefactor in a previous age), please visit MAKE A MILLION, SAVE THE WORLD, or contact me at OneHumanFamily @ Among the personnel sought, I require, most notably, a personal assistant for help with all my projects, including this one, MESSAGE OF HOPE. Though starting late in life, my projects are so compelling that I expect commercial success. As part of Team Message of Hope (TMOH, pron. tee' moe), whether my personal assistant or in another capacity, when I earn big dollars--so will you. Generosity is a loving act, and I believe in Love.

For the best understanding of the principal thematic of Message of Hope, in other words its main social and political themes, please go here or here. For the .5 cent tour, however, and several musical samples, read on:

Democrats & Republicans

This world must be dramatically and permanently improved, in every respect. Yet it is likely clear to everyone by now that the American Democratic and Republican parties are impotent, and their principles and approaches, and those of their counterpart parties across the planet, are ineffectual in bringing about change of the necessary magnitude:  both the Democratic and Republican parties are indivisibly and irrevocably wedded to the present system, capitalism and its culture, with insignificant difference between them. Ditto the Green Party, Bernie Sanders, etc.

Both parties officially and unofficially support capitalism, which makes them essentially identical; the best that can be said of them regarding any realistic point of distinction is that they're the left and right wing of the "capitalist" or "capitalism" party, or if you'd prefer nomenclature a little less contentious or idealogical, the "status quo" party. And since the operation of modern-day capitalism is what's injuring us, which most people now understand, or at least sense, it follows that the "capitalism" party can't help us, and in fact we must seriously begin to look elsewhere for a political answer.

Libertarian Party

Nor is that answer, however, to be found in the so-called Libertarian Party, which of late has acquired its own fatalistic cache. This party seeks to re-establish the unrestricted laissez faire capitalism of yesteryear, where free-enterprise operated with few, if any, restrictions, and government did little to help the common person. The Libertarian Party is thus actually worse than the other "two" parties, since, while the Democratic Party seeks to temper the ill-effects of capitalism moderately, and the Republican Party seeks to temper them slightly, the Libertarian Party seeks to temper them not at all. Imagine a world with no social security benefits, nor Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, welfare, food assistance, EPA, FDA, FTC, OSHA, or indeed any protective government agency, program, or service. In removing all regulation on industry and thus permitting business complete freedom to operate in any fashion it pleases, while at the same time completely eliminating the social, consumer, worker, and environmental safety nets for citizens and the planet that would unquestionably be more necessary than ever in such a chaotic, freewheeling, and indeed merciless economic environment, the Libertarian program is guaranteed to dramatically amplify and multiply the ill effects of capitalism, and usher in the start of an unending personal and social nightmare for most people.

New Seed

No, as growth of a new and different tree requires a new and different seed, social and economic improvement of the required magnitude requires a complete restructure, such as only the adoption of the Brotherhood of Man can comprise and effect. In fact, establishment of this new society is clearly the next and final general step in the evolution of the mode of social organization of humankind.

I believe that heavy metal is up to this task, and to this end I intend to produce the highest-quality metal that I can. Interested persons please contact me, Vincent Frank De Benedetto, at OneHumanFamily @

The Music

If you have a potentially serious interest in this project and desire a basic sense of my singing and composition, contact me and I'll send you several musical drafts. They include two versions of the same song; listen to both. They are extremely primitive; the tip, of the tip, of the tip of the iceberg. And in this age of climate change, the MOH iceberg is likely the only one that, far from melting, is actually poised to grow bigger, stronger, and harder! There is also a third draft, a more completed work called Vision of a World.


Samples #1 & 2 - Mr. Corporation

Sample #3 - Vision of a World

(A global hit, without question.)

Song Demo

Here is a rough musical draft of VISION OF A WORLD, again, lyrics just below, likely the first global hit by MESSAGE OF HOPE.

Listen to this song draft several times in succession with headphones or decent speakers, to catch the vocal nuance. Try not to listen through laptop speakers.

Strengths of the song include:

  • It's simple.

  • It's catchy and memorable.

  • It's positive and optimistic.

  • It's lyrics, though profound, are simple and easy to understand.

  • People know instinctively that it's message is correct.

  • It's subject matter and treatment of same is unusual, especially for popular music.

  • It easily lends itself to a quiet, even folk interpretation, or a rock, or even heavy metal interpretation (the latter likely being what it'll get).

  • It lends itself to a sing-along. Upon second or third hearing, the listener finds themselves singing along.

  • It has an anthem-like quality.

  • It's deceptively simple lyrics and message of hope is easily embraced by any person, of any age, in any circumstance, at any geographical location anywhere around the world, i.e. it gives expression and voice to everyone, because we're all in pain and wishing to be free and loved. An 8-year-old will buy this record, an 88-year old will buy this record.

  • It lends itself to the sensibility of young people, who are desperate for a hopeful world, especially today (can you say Greta Thunberg?).

  • It presents a compelling alternative to religious ideas that young people and others seek, in the face of the documented decline of organized religion.

  • VISION OF A WORLD bookends Shawn Gallaway's I CHOOSE LOVE in its simple power, the stark beauty of its vocal melody, and its singular thematic, Love. Unlike myself, however, I don't think that Shawn concomitantly presents a singular philosophical vision, within which his song resides, of what this world could, should, and indeed must be, if we're to actualize as a species, at best, or prevent our own destruction, at least, and the means to realize this vision and its corresponding objective.

    In listening to, and assessing the song, keep in mind that what you're hearing here is a draft in every way: just me with a guitar in my kitchen! Once re-recorded, in a studio, with a full band of professional musicians, after I've had, say, a good six months of voice lessons, and the song has gone through its sequence of musical and lyrical improvements as a song, perhaps added more thoughtful verses, the finished product and final effect is going to be far different. I'm not asking you to judge a finished record or song, because that's not what this is. It goes without saying that the finished product will be far better in every way.


    © 2019 Vincent Frank De Benedetto

    "Love, properly understood, is the most powerful social force available to Humankind."

    I've seen
    Different kind of world
    I've dreamed
    A better kind of place
    I've thought
    A perfect human space

    I've wished
    A way out of this place

    I have a vision of a world
    Where people work for pride
    And for their fellow man
    No money is required

    Vision of a place
    Where Love guides all we do
    We'll take good care of me
    We'll take good care of you

    I have a vision of a world
    Where we have understood
    We've everything we need
    To end our pain for good
    Vision of a world
    Were we have realized
    Our real strength
    Lies in - Love
    And together we are wise

    We'll each care for ourselves
    Care for the other too
    You will care for me
    And I will care for you
    No longer have the need
    To exaggerate or lie
    To steal a bigger slice
    Of the ever-shrinking pie
    I have a vision of a world
    Where people work for pride
    And for their fellow man
    No money is required
    Vision of a place
    Where Love guides all we do
    We'll take good care of me
    We'll take good care of you

    [- instrumental break -]

    I've seen
    Different kind of world
    I've dreamed
    A better kind of place
    I've thought
    A perfect human space

    I've wished
    A way

    Out of this place


    is a project of the



    supports the






    - Metal, not Marijuana -